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Admission into Universities Abroad

Admissions into universities abroad,basically UK,US,Australia,New Zealand and Canada universities require that applicants write one of the common international tests-TOEFL,GRE,GMAT,SAT,IELTS and in some cases other standardized tests like the ACT,PTE etc.

Admissions into Universities in the UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand.

Universities is the UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand usually require that candidates write TOEFL or IELTS for post graduate admissions.With the exception of a few UK universities,universities in these countries don’t require SAT for undergraduate admissions.A good TOEFL/IELTS score generally boosts the chances of admissions.REGISTER and start classes today

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Admission into Universities in the US

All top universities in the US require that postgraduate admissions seekers have a GRE score.While many low ranked universities in the US offer admission without requiring a GRE score,some top ranked universities also offer admission for some courses without requiring that applicants have a GRE score.For a list of universities in the US that don’t require any GRE or GMAT score,click here

Undergraduate admissions into all top ranked universities in the US require that applicants have a SAT score.Just like in postgraduate cases,many low ranked universities in the US also don’t require that applicants have a SAT score.Regardless of the course of study,all top and medium ranked universities in the US require that applicants have a SAT score.

A good SAT score is important to get admission into US universities.

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Our Admissions Counsellors at Baltidon Consulting have over 25years of experience in Foreign Admissions Processing and with our expanding network partner universities across Europe,Australia,North America and Oceania,we can boast of a 100% track record in college placement,meaning literally every candidate who has registered and applied through us so far got the college admission they sought.

With time-friendly schedules,we offer registration and training for all kinds of these standard tests-TOEFL,GRE,GMAT,SAT,IELTS etc,at least one of which any foreign admission seeker will need to take in order to procure admission and also take up the process of appliation to schools on behalf of our clients.

With Baltidon Consulting,your chances of securing admission into universities and colleges abroad are as good as 100%.

You may be thinking these tests/exams are too difficult or you are too busy to study for the it, No problem! We can get you admitted and give you our Free Visa Counselling service, without writing any tests, as per your request.

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